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Lake OrangeDuring the late 60's a group of forward thinking residents of Cedar Grove worked with County Officials to address an ever increasing residential tax rate. The plan was to increase the water capacity of the county necessary to build an infrastructure conducive to commericial growth. After many months of negotiation the  County Commisssioners agreed to develop a 'quasi joint venture' between the county and private landowners to create a supplemental water reservoir for recreation and 'emergency use only'.   
Five (5) local farmers donated 205 acres of land to the county for the contruction of Lake Orange .  In consideration of this 'gift', the county awarded recreational rights to "Lake Orange Inc.", which was to be owned and operated by the donating landowners. 
Within this agreement, the county was given the water supply within the 615' elevation gradient, while Lake Orange Inc., was awarded the buffered land between the 615-620' elevation around the lake. Owners of residential land beyond the 620' gradient were given deeded access rights and recreational rights to the lake.
Today, Lake Orange is recognized as a thriving residential lake community, with its vitality linked soley to the beauty and pristine nature of the lake's eco system. Lake Orange Inc., Lake Orange  residents, and permit holding county residents, take great pride in the working relationship with the county and state that has made this lake a recreational jewel for all to enjoy.  It remains a gleaming example of a successful partnership between the private and public sector.

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