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Lake Orange Water Management Breakthrough 2014 Print
  In October a major breakthrough was achieved regarding the management of the Lake Orange water resources.  The details were presented in an email from Buzz Koenig, president of FLO which is reproduced here for the benefit of our site visitors.
To the Friends of Lake Orange
    As I communicated to you last year at this time,  the board members of  'Friends of Lake Orange'  have been engaged in special negotiations with County Commissioners, County Manager/County Staff, and the town of Hillsborough to reach a written agreement to better manage the water resources of Lake Orange.  This agreement contains a provision to minimize withdrawals from Lake Orange so that water levels are within 24 inches from ' full  pool'  (615') -- during the high recreation season from April through October -- to the extent possible considering adequate seasonal waterfall.

Over the past several years the county/city have worked with us on occasion, on a voluntary basis,  to put this concept into practice.  This is why, in part,  Lake Orange has enjoyed unprecedented high water levels over the past 3 years ---notwithstanding the luck/benefit of plentiful rainfall.   With that history,  FLO board of directors have urged government officials to put this 'voluntary practice'  into a written agreement.  After one year of discussion and sign-offs by multiple levels of government  we are pleased to present you with the attached "Memorandum of Understanding".  This MOU outlines the terms and conditions under which this agreement will be administered.  There are two (2) primary conditions beyond available rain fall: 1) The Voluntary Capacity Agreement remains the legal plan of record;  2) This agreement has an initial term through 12/2015. The planned construction of Phase 2 to nearly double the capacity of the West Fork of the Eno Reservoir [WFER] during 2016 prevents this agreement from being implemented.  However, we are hopeful that reinstatement of this agreement will be considered upon completion of construction of WFER Phase 2.  

Knowing the complexities of local, county and state government we believe that this is the best agreement possible at this time.  It allows us to protect our recreational rights without state involvement (a dicey play) or costly legal action. Although with all the obvious benefits of the MOU, there are a few among us that will find fault, cry foul or criticize this achievement.   But believe the folks who know this situation and who hold the county/city relationships -- this the best possible outcome.  While not perfect,  it ushers in a breakthrough in recognizing the issues of Lake Orange, and plants substantial hope and expectation that the water management of Lake Orange will only improve over the near future. If you have any questions, please contact me or Ken Terlep.

Very truly yours,
Buzz Koenig
President, Friends of Lake Orange
Attached document:   MOU_EnoReleases_fullyexecuted2014.pdf 

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